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Coach Dr. Fitzgerald Hill

Coach Hill

I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Charles Nash for 4 years (2001-04) at San Jose State University – as the Head Football Coach .  During those years, Coach Nash displayed a unique ability to not only recruit some of the finest athlete’s on the team, but develop a close relationship with his student athlete’s through graduation. 

Nash’s dedication towards providing strong mentorship for our athletes is remarkable & unmatched .  Coach Nash, has had the task of instructing and nurturing some of the most challenging student athlete’s – towards promising football careers ( in the NFL ) and the successful completion of college.  There was no limit to the capacity that he would extend himself –to help achieve outstanding results for his student athletes .

I am currently, President of Arkansas Baptist University.  I strongly recommend /endorse participation in Coach Nash’s , Competitive Elite Sports program and National Scouting Report .  I believe your athlete will become a better athlete, individual & student by participating in these programs .


Coach Dick Tomey

Coach Tomey

I have known Coach Nash and his family for over 30 years.  During the early part of that time span, I observed Charles as he became one of the most respected high school coaches in the city of Los Angeles.  This respect was well earned.  Coach Nash cared about young people and their development.  He had the personal character that those who worked with him admired and clearly became one of the leaders that earned the undying respect of his peers.

It was not however until five years ago, when he joined the coaching staff at San Jose State University that I was able to watch and witness first hand, Coach Nash on a daily basis.  I got to watch a quality coach, but more importantly a special individual for five years! 

During this period, Charles did an outstanding job in so many areas.  He mentored the young people that he was responsible for with their short term development with their long term success in mind, a difficult double task.

Coach TomeyHe was instrumental in San Jose State University making a resurgence in their football program.  His significant ability to evaluate and recruit players who were succeeding on the field and in the classroom was extradinary.

He showed great leadership and maturity in the way he went about his work.  He was very knowledgeable, a terrific teacher and connected so well with all the young people on our squad, Charles is a great listener.

Charles demonstrated tremendous organizational ability on and off the field.  More important than all of that, is the fact that Charles is an exemplary human being; a terrific husband, father and much admired by all those whose lives he has touched.  He is the kind of man that has the background, experience and dedication to provide outstanding direction to young people!

Coach Dick Tomey


James Jones

James Jones

As a young boy growing up in San Jose, CA life for me “was no crystal stair”. I grew up in homeless shelters until the age of 15 and went to numerous elementary and middle schools. However there were many men in my life that played key roles into helping me become the man I am today. I would have to say that Coach Charles Nash is one of them.

When I arrived to San Jose State University in the Fall of 2002 as a Full-Scholarship athlete I met the coaching staff and Coach Nash came off to me as someone who truly loved his job and a coach that not only cared about your success on the football field but also in life. I could see how dedicated he was by the extra time he put into everything that he set out to do. He was the coach who always went above and beyond what was required of him and he encouraged us to do the same.

James JonesCoach Nash was and still is today highly respected by his past and current players. When you see your coach working hard and working along side of you, not just telling you what to do, it makes you want to work harder and give 110% everyday. He taught us that hard work outlasts talent and now that I am a professional football player that resonates in my mind everyday. I get to see firsthand how someone might be more talented but the hard worker makes it a lot further.

Everything that he taught me not only applies to football but also in my everyday life. I am truly blessed to have had a coach who cared about me so much. His coaching style and support is something that I think other children should benefit from through his Competitive Elite Contact Football Camps. Coach Charles Nash has my total support in all of his future endeavors!


James Jones
Wide Receiver, Green Bay Packers
Founder, Love Jones 4 Kids Foundation, Inc.



James Jones

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