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Shirley tutoring


“Thank you for working with (Elijah). He is really excited and school is now manageable for him and his confidence has greatly improved.”

" He is at a 3.75GPA compared to last year he was at a 2.17GPA."


Parent Testimonials
Literacy Summer Camp 2013

Molly _______

I would like to thank CES’ Read to Achieve Literacy camp, Coach Nash and Mrs. Nash for their hard work and dedication to the program. My son attended the camp in the summer of 2013 with some of his “football buddies” and is looking forward to the 2014 camp!

Initially we told the kids this was a football camp with some reading involved. They soon realized this was a literacy program, with some football and still really enjoyed it! We saw kids challenging each other academically in the classroom during the program.

They also looked forward to the next day of camp with much excitement about what they would be working on the next day! My son was given a burst of confidence and drive to do well not just in his sports, but academics as well.

Having some of the SJSU football players as their coaches, and hearing about their journey through college and how hard they work to play college football was very motivating for my son and his friends.

My son also needed some tutoring in Math during the school year, which CES helped him with. He has been able to raise his grade in Math from a C to B: hoping for an A by the end of the school year!!

Thank you to all the members of the CES Read to Achieve Literacy program. You are all greatly appreciated!!


Tanya ____

“Mr. and Mrs. Nash – Went to my son’s teacher conference today. He moved up 3 reading levels! Woo…hoo!! Thank you so much!” (Tanya)


Coach Dominguez _____

Coach Nash, my son’s grades have greatly improved by attending your summer program.  He is at a 3.75GPA compared to last year he was at a 2.17GPA. Thank you for working with him! He is really excited and school is now manageable for him and his confidence has greatly improved.


Cathy ________

I am delighted with the changes that I have observed in my son’s academic improvement this year. He is a proficient reader, but did not enjoy reading and only read the required or “forced” assignments. His writing was average but it took a few drafts before he had a paper that was ready for submittal.

Since he attended the CES Read-to-Achieve program this summer, his interest for reading has increased. He read 4 books over the summer and has been performing better with his classwork. His G.P.A has improved from 2.42 to 3.28.

The tips that Mrs. Nash taught him (i.e. using thesaurus, organizing notebook with table of contents) have helped him to become a more confident writer who is not afraid of the assignments and a student who does not delay in getting the homework done.

The combination of football and literacy makes it cool for the kids!! His teacher commented that his state scores in the Reading, Written Expressions and Conventions of Writing improved from last year’s and that has also boosted his confidence – all thanks to the summer camp and the wonderful staff.




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